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Microsoft Lumia 640/640XL

Stephen Elop took the stage to open the Microsoft MWC 2015 event and right off the bat unveiled the Microsoft Lumia 640. After a brief intermission for a Windows 10 demo, Elop came back to unveil the larger Microsoft Lumia 640 XL.
Lumia 640
Both phones will launch Windows Phone 8.1, but Microsoft's intention is to bring them and other modern Lumias to Windows 10.

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Zoho Mail: Free Email Service of Your Domain


Zoho Mail: Email Designed with Business Users in Mind
Experience the charm of Webmail that provides a combination of clean, ad-free, minimalist interface and power features geared for business and professional use. 

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How To Set Up A Wireless Router As An Access Point On A Network With Another Router (The Main Router)

To set up the second router as an access point:
STEP 1. Connect a computer to one of the LAN (not WAN) Ethernet ports at the back of the router.